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SaaS Financial Model Templates

My personal favorites.

A lot of spreadsheets we get from founders look pretty awful. It doesn't have to be that way!Following a first call, I usually ask founders to send me some numbers. You'd be surprised what I get sent sometimes! 😃I'm just wondering why? There are such great free templates available online.______❤️ My personal favorites:1️⃣ Rookie: "SaaS Financial Plan 2.0" by Christoph JanzSleek, easy-to-understand template which includes features such as tiered pricing plans, customer acquisition model, and numerous graphs and charts. Perfect for early-stage founders looking to impress investors.

2️⃣ Professional: "SaaS Financial Model 3.0" by BaremetricsProvides monthly views of P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet over 5 years, as well as numerous financial and SaaS metrics and has 11 built-in charts. Suitable for late-stage startups and more established SaaS companies.

3️⃣ Guru: "SaaS Financial Model" (v1.64) by Ben MurrayAllows for annual and monthly plan commitments and offers forecasting for up to 5y. Also, you can compare actual numbers with forecasts. This is probably the best and most sophisticated among the free templates.